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I contacted Steven because I couldn't seem to get free from my anxiety. I found myself, a mom of three, approaching 40 years old, watching my health decline because of my ongoing fear I lived with everyday. My emotional intensity was disproportionate to the situations I was facing and I was unintentionally hurting my relationships with my husband and kids. Steven was a last resort for me. I had prayed so much about this issue and had gotten counseling for years, but nothing seemed to lighten the intensity of how I felt whenever something reminded me of the past trauma.  I was embarrassed at how debilitating my anxiety had become.

When I talked to Steven, I didn't even know how to put into words what the issue really was. Steven was so easy to talk to - I didn't feel any judgement from him. He was able to ask questions to get to the real issue. It took courage to open up about my most vulnerable issue, but he met me with incredible compassion and God's grace.  I'm normally resistant when anyone tries to impose change on me, but His approach was so gentle that the wisdom he shared didn't feel threatening at all.

Honestly, I didn't expect the EFT Steven used to make much of a difference, but I thought it was worth a try. I couldn't believe the way it was able to diffuse the intensity of my anxiety.  Since the sessions, I've been amazed to have situations come up that used to fill me with fear and send me into a downward spiral, now pass by without any drama. It feels like trying to light a fire cracker that's already gone off, there's just no power behind it any more. I'm so thankful to be free and living in peace now.