Your To-Do List: From Overwhelming to Doable in 4 Simple Steps

Is your To-Do list forever long and you don’t know where to start? Does thinking about everything you have to do leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless? Try this strategy to go from overwhelmed to “I can do this!” in just four simple steps.

1. Pray.  Ask God to show you which tasks are truly important.

2. List all the tasks you need to do….

3. Ask yourself “If I could only get three done, which three would be most important for me to do today”.

4. Highlight those top three on your list and focus exclusively on doing those until they are complete. Don’t even think about the others, they are already on the list and you can consider them later.

If you have time left over after completing the first three, then go through the process again to identify the next three.

If you don’t entirely complete those three tasks, you can be satisfied you have already identified the best place to start the next day. You can rest this evening knowing you already have a specific plan for your work! You can wake up in the morning knowing exactly what to do with two or three priority tasks already identified instead of facing 20+ random thoughts about what you should do and no idea where to start. Definitely a stress less way to start your day!

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