From Stressed to Inspired.

One day I found myself closed in a storage room hunched over in the corner with the light off  so no one would see me stressing out!  I felt overwhelmed by everything I was supposed to do.  It seemed I just couldn’t keep up and I was worried someone, a coworker, my boss, anyone, would figure it out and I would get fired.  Of course I knew many of my coworkers struggled to keep up too and none, that I knew of, had actually been fired for not getting everything done.  Still, my body was tense, my mind was racing from one fragmented thought to the next, an unending list of EVERYTHING I was worried I couldn’t get done.  

Sadly that wasn’t the only day I ended up in the storage room.  Some days it seemed like my whole life was an endless treadmill that I couldn’t keep up with and was losing the energy to even try.  Sleep, sure I got some.  I could usually fall asleep but would often wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep.  A great tiring, irritating start to the next day of endless demands!

I wanted to make a difference with my clients.  To do something that really mattered.  To fulfill God’s great destiny for me but just making it till tomorrow without a fatal crash and burn seemed difficult.  Many days everything else felt hopelessly impossible.

Thankfully, that is no longer my life.  While I still occasionally, have an anxious period or a few stressed moments, I am accomplishing more with less stress and greater enjoyment!  I seldom feel helpless and I look forward to the opportunities God is bringing to me.  I have confidence that God takes my imperfect efforts to follow his leading and uses them for his eternal purposes.  Now with controlling stress out of the way, I am more open for God to work His glorious plan in and through me!  It is a great privilege and joy to share the real practical tools and methods I use with each of my coaching clients so they too can live a stress less life full of possibility and purpose!

I have discovered that making a lasting change to a stress less lifestyle required that I activate all three dimensions of my life.  The spiritual, mental, and physical.  I invite you to begin your own stress less life by clicking here for a FREE copy of my Special Report – “Three Simple Ways for Christians to Reduce Anxiety and Get Better Sleep Today!”

A fun stress less time with my wife Shirley (AKA my Princess!)

A fun stress less time with my wife Shirley (AKA my Princess!)

Have a blessed stress less day!


PS: For those with curiosities about the more technical data, I have:

  • A Masters in Social Work (MSW) from San Diego State

  • Membership in the American Association of Christian Counselors

  • Membership in the International Christian Coaching Association