Of all the methods and techniques I have learned to help myself and my clients relieve stress, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) which is also known as Tapping is the most powerful.  I frequently tell clients, EFT is not a magic bullet that fixes everything but it is the closest thing I have ever experienced.Man Simplified Tap Points

Tapping can seem a bit weird for people who have never heard of it before because it is very different from most other methods that help people balance their emotions.  EFT is one of the few techniques that actually helps release emotional energy trapped in your body that often interferes with how you think and feel about your life right now.

Intuitively, most people can recognize their emotions are connected to their body.  We have words and phrases that indicate it.  “She broke my heart.”  “I was so scared I was frozen stiff.”  “I just got a sinking feeling in my gut”

However when they try to do something to change how they feel they usually use the common methods which focus only on your thinking process or how you feel about your past but ignore the sensations and connection with your body.

I believe a key to the power of EFT is that it connects your emotions to your felt body sense and allows your whole mind and body to make peace with your disturbing emotions and sensations.  Once you have done that it is much easier to hear God’s spirit without all the overly intense emotions clouding and coloring your understanding and communication with God.

Since Tapping helps reduce and regulate stress hormones and other body functions, you could think of it as a way to cooperate with God’s design for your body, a lot like eating healthy food and exercising regularly.

Simplified versions of EFT can produce surprisingly fast results in reducing anxiety and stress (click here for a demonstration video).  However when the full method is used Tapping can help uncover and bring permanent peace to painful memories and experiences in our past.   This can be truly life changing because we experience and respond to our present situations based mostly on our past experiences.

A couple of simple examples:

Fred, who experiences his mother leaving her family and coming back several times during his childhood may grow into a man who has chronic feelings of distrust for women even when they have never left or rejected him.

Sara, who got no attention from her father except when he molested her, may grow into a woman who has difficulty just being friends with men or feeling she has any value besides her sexuality.

EFT can help our make believe friends Fred and Sara (and you) release the painful emotions and connected body sensations related to their past so that they can see and experience their current circumstances more clearly.

Fred can recognize his feelings of chronic distrust are not a result of anything his loving and faithful fiancée has done.  And once the felt sensation of fear and pain from his past is released, he will likely be able to see her for who she is and base his trust on what she actually does rather than reflections from the past.

Sara will likely have a much greater ability to recognize she has lots of different talents and abilities that others can value and that she can be respected and valued by men without blatantly using her sexuality.

For Christians, EFT, along with prayer and Biblical truth can help them come to a felt certainty that God’s word is telling the truth about God’s love for them.  It can often help them find a resolution to the question: “Where was God when….(a very bad thing happened to them)?”

When we can live freed from the distorted beliefs and overwhelming emotions  from past events, it is far easier to live freed from stress freed for Christ in us.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) which is also known as Tapping is not designed to diagnosis or treat any disease.  It is offered as a self help method to help reduce intense negative emotions often associated with disturbing events.  EFT is NOT psychotherapy and should not be used as a substitute for therapy.  If you have any physical or psychological concerns you are advised to contact an appropriate medical or mental health professional.
EFT has not been fully studied and understood by western medicine and as such should be considered an alternative method.
While the use of EFT has very few negative results, using EFT can result in the fading of memories of traumatic events and may interfere with a clear recollection of the events in a court hearing.   On occasion using EFT can result in intensified and overwhelming emotions.  Should you experience such overwhelming or disturbing emotions you are advised to stop Tapping immediately and contact an appropriate health professional.
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