Why I do this…

Freed from stress.  Freed for a life that matters.

stress relief coach - cool picThose words capture the inspiration for The Stress Relief Coach philosophy.  Yes, of course, rapid, effective, and lasting stress relief is what my system offers. No meaningful stress management program should offer anything less. However, I strive to offer much more in The Stress Relief Coach programs.  

Living a stress less life with energy, peace, and confidence is an amazing experience. But, as a Christian, I have found a deeper, richer, and more powerful life experience- life with true meaning and purpose.

God designed each of us to be a unique expression of His infinite self, destined to shine His greatness in us and through us.  Far too often stress interferes, blocking us from the God sized eternal destiny He designed us to live beyond the limits of stress.  When stress grabs hold of us, it effects every area of our lives.  Physically, mentally, and spiritually.  It creates an endless drain sucking away our vital life enthusiasm and God destined potential.

Young man with sword and historical costumeThat is why working with me isn’t just about being more relaxed, better focused, or getting a good night’s sleep.  It is about getting stress out of the way so you can live the amazing life God designed you to live!

Somewhere in the hidden corners of your soul you have felt it, a longing to be more and do more, to live a heroic life that truly matters.  That desire isn’t just a random delusional thought, it is a heart level calling from your creator!   For most of us , that quiet soulful question “Isn’t there more to life?” gets drowned out by the desperate hurry and worry of just trying to keep up day in and day out.

Stress isn’t the only barrier to a vibrant deeply satisfying powerful life but has got to be one of the most common and the one I have been called to attack.  Of course there is always a gap between the ideal and the real.

The only way to cross that gap is with real world practical solutions and tools.  As it turns out, that is my specialty, real practical methods to help Christians just like you reach beyond the stress and into a life that matters, matters for eternity.

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