Stress Relief Options

​Are your tired of being anxious and stressed?​

Try One On One Christian Emotional Freedom Techniques Coaching

If you work best having someone walk you through the process step by step and you want the best results in the fastest time, then my Premium Christian EFT Coaching might be the best solution for your anxiety or stress.

I work personally with each client to help you discover the earlier events that have programmed your brain to respond with fear, anxiety, and stress. Once we identify those events, I walk you step by step through the Emotional Freedom Techniques methods to enable your brain to reprocess the distressing memories so that they no longer have the same emotional impact. Along the way I help you learn the EFT process so you can continue using EFT to reduce your stress and anxiety on your own any time you need.

​Working with me is different in several ways.

First, I prioritize healing and finding solutions over judging or finding fault. I have made many mistakes in my life and I am free of shame and guilt only because God has forgiven me and helped me to learn methods to bring peace to my mind and body. I have no reason to find fault in any experience you may have had. I, like you, am a sinner saved by grace.

As I walk you through the EFT process, I often use reminders of God's promises to you and the infinite value he placed on you even when you are at your very worst. If you find it helpful we can start each session with prayer. (honestly, I am often praying before and silently during a session for God's wisdom even if we don't pray together)

​During each session we work together, I try to go far enough into the issue bothering you to help you get meaningful felt improvements by the end of the session. Often you'll get to a felt sense of peace and completeness with at least part of the problem by the end of the session. That means I don't rush our sessions. A session with me is often one and half to two hours. I give you my best possible effort to make each session truly count.

While EFT is one of the fastest ways to make peace with your past, it is unlikely you will gain the full benefit of EFT in just one session so I intentionally set my prices to make multi session packages more cost effective to give you the greatest chance of life improving permanent change


One Premium EFT Session



Three Premium EFT Sessions


Total Solution

​Unlimited Weekly EFT Sessions*

Guaranteed Results**


* Up to 3 months     ** For one initially identified problem