Stress Relief Seminars

Are you a pastor or Christian leader?  Do you have members who are truly trying to follow God and do what is right but struggle with stress? Would you like to offer them Bible based, science informed, real life tested methods to reduce their stress and increase their faith?

If so, then a stress relief seminar just might be right for your church or Christian organization.

My seminars answer the frustrating questions: “Why am I still so stressed when I’m a Christian trying to follow God and do what is right? And what can I do about it?

Topics can include:

  • The Biology of Belief – roles of the mind, body, and spirit in felt trust and how it can go wrong.

  • How to Make Stress Reducing Decisions – God’s design for operating for your mind

  • Trauma – how it can rewire your brain and distort your felt sense of faith (and two things you can do about it)

  • Raising Relaxed Confident Kids – (an optional special presentation for parents)

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